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We   live in 21 century.in this century   people want to be abide by   professionalism that means people   want to be   perfect with everything   for example, we want to have   slim   and fit body   but   people who want to have   perfect body   ,especially teenagers   prefer to achieve that different in a way. They   starve themselves, they think that it s best way to lose weight and be beautiful. There   are many men and women suffering from   all types of eating   disorders that do not appear in any specific weight range. It s like a disease and name is anorexia. Anorexia the one of the weirdest disease in 21th century. the purpose of this essay is explain to what are the causes and effects of anorexia.

  First of all,I m going to explain causes of anorexia.there are many causes of anorexia and the biggest cause is influence of the media on spread of eating disorders such as anorexia.no wonder,nowdays almost everybody has a tv and no one refuse that tv influences us badly for instance there are many   beauty such as super model ,actors, singer and rock star.the weird thing is that they look like flawless so they look don’t have any body problems. the most of teenagers who spend their time in front of tv are influenced badly because   actors ,singer or e.t. always look good. they are beautiful because of slim and thinner so teenagers think that if you are slim and thinner that means you are beautiful and look good .another cause of anorexia is cultural pressure that influences teenagers   especially young girls, because the girls are known that always want to be beautiful. nowadays, every teenagers are part of a group so they have classmate, neighbour ,relatives   and e.t. for instance you are part of a popular girl group and the members of these group   always   want to look   beautiful and also you could want to be beautiful then you might   try to eat less than your body needs because you think that only tinner peope may be beautiful and...


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