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Effective Crime Report

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Part One: Scene of the crime.
It started at a restaurant, two guys were talking and one noticed a girl and just started staring at here. Then next scene that took part was of one of those men showed up at that girl’s home. He began by putting a glove on and taking the porch light out. He then picked up a dead cat and rang the doorbell at least two times. The girl from the restaurant answered and the guy then said “I am so sorry is this your cat?”
It skipped to the next scene showing the girl and brother tied up to chairs in the middle of the living room. Parents nowhere to be seen, all that was shown was one of the guys stuck a needle in the girl. In the next part it’s the following morning and the girl is running down the street. A guy stops to see what’s wrong and that is when he sees that she is covered in blood. He then yells to the surrounding people to call the cops. The cops show up to find the father, mother, and brother brutally murdered in the living room. The mother was lying face up on the couch dead, the father on the living room somewhat leaned up against the couch, and the brother just lying dead in the middle of the room face down. All the bodies were covered with blood and so wasn’t everything thing else. The girl later stated he killed each one of them one by one leaving those alive to watch. She was lucky to survive (Fickler, 2011).
Part two: How to write an effective crime scene report.
When it comes to writing an effective crime scene report you are not expected to be a pro at it. Instead you must organize all notes and also adhere to some of the basic standards of written English that is regarding to the content and form. The effective report should be factual, accurate, objective, complete, concise, and clear grammatically /mechanically correcting. The report should also be organized into different paragraphs and also written in the past tense and the audience –focused and legible. This will end up leaving the reader with a positive...


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