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The Young and the Old, Who Should Be Valued More?

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The performance and value of elders are different to youngers’,and the cooperation of them is linked to the improvement of the whole society. Some major duties which old people are more suitable to be responsible for in some countries like china and japan, become prevalent among youngest with high skills in other nations such as America.
Many people find that the old are much more valued compare to the youth ,because an experienced worker has a strong sense of belonging to a team ,and he or she can keep the pace of work in a comfortable and appropriate rhythm. Besides ,the mature individuals are enable to deal with chaos and complexity in a short time with as less resources and money as possible. For example,all previous presidents of china are always over 50 years old just due to the experience and patience they have.they spend a longtime in governing a town、a city、a province before they become the president .
Those who take the opposite site feel that the youth provide a great job prospect and help to the public. First of all ,youths acquire new knowledge and technology quickly than elder people, some complex skills and machines are difficult to learn and operate for the old.   Secondly ,working under enormous stress, a sense of fulfillment and job satisfaction can stimulate their motivation in routine work. Those who stay at a job several years may have an attitude problem.what is more ,young people account for a large portion in the public,and what they say and do provide a significant influence to the whole country. Serve as a signal,they are critical for promoting a country’s status in the international community.
Personally, i hold the view that young people have a vital worth in cultures and of course the old citizens with abundant experience should not be undervalued .


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