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Imagine If Oil Supplies Gets Exhausted How Will It Affect Peoples Life Style

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MID TERM – 2010
STD.   -   VIII
Fill in the blanks   :
1. The Indian Association of Calcutta was led by _______________ and
2. Gandhi ji based his struggle on the twin principles of truth and non-violent ______________.
3. The first session of the Indian National Congress at _____________ in _____________.
4. The participation of Bengal took effect on 16th October in ___________ and issued an order to divide it.
5. Bal Gangadher Tilek found the newspapers _mahratta______________ and the     kesari____________.
6. In 1904, V.D.   Savarker had organized the ______________ which was a secret society of revolutionaries.
7. The 23rd session of the congress was held at _______________.
8. Muslim league was formed on 30th December ____________________.
9. The Jallianwala Bagh massacre Toole place in Amritsar on ___13___ April ____1919_______ year.
10. The civil disobedience movement was launched under the leadership of   __________________.
11. Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan was called the _frontier gandhi__________________.
12. The congress committee met a Bombay on 8th August 1942 passed the famous resolution called _________________.

Fill in the blanks   :
1. _Agriculture______________ is the art and science of cultivating the   soil and raising crops and animal stock .
2. Modern day agriculture in valves use of __sophisticated___________ implements and to give varied production.
3. The crop which will grow in a particular area is largely determined by the ______________ environment.
4. The most primitive method of the agriculture is ______________.
5. ___leaching__________________ is the draining of minerals and nutrients from top layers of soil by water.
6. Shifting cultivation is discouraged on account of the deforestation it causes which leads to ________________.
7. Technique of...


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