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Night Scream

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was a young girl. Around 10 to 12. I've never believed in the paranormal what's so ever... Until this one night. I fell asleep in my room and woke up around 3 to 4 am. I always woke up in the middle of night and don't know why. The lights were off so it was very dark but it was not my imagination because this definitely was not a shadow or a dream at all. I was sure of that at the moment it was happening.

The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was a person. But not just a normal person (which would have been way scarier). It was a ghost of a person (still scary). The ghost was white and kind of see through. I was able to see my dresser on the other side of him when looking at him. It was an old man. All his features were visible. He had hair, facial hair, glasses. I saw his nose, mouth eyes, ears, etc.

He was also wearing a button down shirt and his pants were kind of visible but it was more blurry at his lower legs and lower arms. I remember watching him in fear at the fact that there was a presence in my room and what if it really was a ghost. I put my head under the blankets closing my eyes, shaking my head, pinching myself, hoping it would just vanish. But when I took my head out from under the blankets, it was still there and instead of waking up from the pinching, it just hurt.

All of a sudden the ghost vanished, but then reappeared again in a second right next to my bed, next to where my head was. He wasn't looking at me though this whole time. He was just looking at the walls in my room. I was so scared when he was next to me but then he vanished again and reappeared in the middle of my room again. That's when I thought that I couldn't just stay here panicking all night. I wouldn't watch this ghost all night in fear. God only knows what would happen. I decided that I would count to three and then sprint out of my room into my parent's room, across the hall. I mean, if this wasn't real it couldn't do anything anyway, right? Not that I thought...


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