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Super Pacs

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Super PACs are companies that are allowed to raise and spend unlimited amounts of money from corporations, unions, individuals and associations. Super PACs are wrong because they corrupt the politics. They sponsor for the election to defeat candidates for federal office by purchasing the media in which costs a lot of money. Super PACs came into power in 2010 after a concern dealt in court; this ruling was in large part, based on the U.S. Supreme Court’s controversial ruling earlier that year. Since the court rulings, congress can’t just ban super PACs legislatively. This also showed federal court decision that saw limits on it. There are a lot of problems in America. One of these problems is what we called super PACs. This super PACs have no limits what’s so ever. They are protected by the federal law. Super PACs hurt democracy because you are putting the outcome of the campaign on the hands of rich people.
People can look at super PACs like a game for millionaires. They are the game for corporations and interests groups, while us the individuals are on the benches watching our democracy corrupt. In 2010 the Supreme Court changed the rules, now any group of people can come with unlimited amount of money and can finance campaigns. They actually can be supported by the candidate; the candidate can even go to their fundraiser. They can also say publicly that they will follow the candidate strategy.  
First of all, in the 2012 election there was insane amounts of money spend. One of the super PACs that raised so much was, “restore our future” and it supported Romney. It raised around $143 million. Every campaign has had a super PACs in which were created and run by close associates of the candidate. People can say that super PACs corrupt the way the political system is. One way is that super PACs allow an individual or a group of wealthy people with the same wealthy interests to share greatly observed ideas to be influenced by the results of the elections. Another...


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