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Thai New Year

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Morris raised his two sons John and Robert to be loving and carrying.   Conversely, Mitch did not let family come first. He left his uncle's family without him or his care because he did not want to have obligation. His things come first.

All people have to start at the beginning by "birth" and end of "death". Everyone who is dying usually feels self-pity and desperation of their life, or some people would let themselves feel useless. But Morrie let himself feel emotion and then stops. (57)   He dose not waste much time with bad things. He thought he could make his life meaningful, not let his life to be wasteful. By the way, when people died, they can not bring anything together with themselves. So Morrie   warned Mitch not to be so ambitions. (83)

Mitch's visits to his old professor were like classes. For this reason, Mitch learned many lessons from Morrie. When they talked about life, work, and family or death. Mitch saw a new way to look at his own life was not money or fame, but family and love. For me, this was exactly truth, because no matter how much money we would have. But if we do not have love, and family, or be alone. Their life will never find the true happiness again. Family and loved one can support you you are tired, frustrated, or disappointed. Your family and your loved ones are always beside you and never faraway. By comparing their ideas of the young man and the old man, we discovered how many truths Mitch learned on his Theudays with Morrie.


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