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The Importance of Business Websites

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Having a website is almost a prerequisite for a modern business.   There is, however, more to having a business website than simply having a web presence.   The internet is now such an ingrained tool in our lives that clients will often do their research on the business through viewing their website.   It is at this point that the client’s first impressions of the business are made.   If the business is to be successful in gaining clients then the business owner needs to understand what is involved in designing and producing an effective website.  
Website advertising is especially popular among businesses who want to show their stocks and sales without the expensive cost of advertising on TV or billboards. An ineffective or poorly designed website can be just as detrimental to the business as not having a site in the first place.
There are a variety of tools available for the use of website design.   Dreamweaver is one of the best tools currently available. Dreamweaver allows designers to develop a webpage without having to use and understand html code. This means that anyone in any line of work can design a website. It also means that there are a whole range of poorly designed websites on the internet because sites are being developed by people with little or no understanding of the importance of the preplanning and designing aspects of websites.
To develop an effective website there are a number of areas to consider such as pre-production, client needs and accessibility. This article will explain the stages involved in website development and the significance of these stages in developing a site that meets the clients needs and helps to promote and develop the business.
Pre- Production
Client Relationships
When considering a website the client and the designer need to sit down and establish the needs and goals of the site and clearly establish the parameters under which the website is going to operate. This includes establishing such things as the...


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