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Aristotle and Reasoning

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Travis Butts
History of Political Thought
Professor Dankwa

Over the course of time, mankind has developed a certain course of reasoning. That course of reasoning has been monumental in the development of our morals, values, and our overall thought as to how our societies can run as peacefully as possible. That course of reasoning has become what we know now as politics. Political views can be easily be deemed as controversial, due to the realistic fact that truly no man’s ideas are incorrect nor are any man’s ideas better than the next. However, it does rely on what man’s ideas will benefit the majority, and that is how we have came about to study the controversial field of political science.
When we think of philosophers and wise men, we tend to think of great men such as Aristotle or Socrates. These men weren’t any smarter than the next man; however, they definitely weren’t afraid to voice their mind on their political thoughts. Political thinking is the search for knowledge in order to gain a better understanding on the ideals of politics. Therefore, the political theory can somewhat be defined as the best interpretation formed as result of political thinking. Socrates, for example, was a man who wasn’t afraid to voice his questions concerning the shape of his society in that era. He formed argumentation which in the end worked out for the better, even though he was executed for his beliefs. However, his beliefs can be credited as being the foundation of western philosophy.
Socrates’ thoughts can be credited as a providing the basis for civil society. The term civil society can be term of several uses. One definition of the term talks about a regime committed to secure the rule of law on behalf of the common good. The alternate definition to the term discusses a space that exists between the national government and the individual. Referring to the second definition, there has to be an understanding of the civic virtues of society by the...


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