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Event Project Management

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Introduction The world economy has showed many uncertainties in the event industry. Coperates need employ innovative solutions and build up partnership to survive that fast-changing market. The shift towards an information-oriented society, the restructuring of businesses and the continued globalization were found to be the most prominent business trends and their impacts are far reaching (PCMA, 2000). Focusing on the emerging and prosperous markets will be new approaches in business.
Policy-The US election the attention. move in the US is tied up. the World Bank (2011), the GDP value of the United States is roughly equivalent to 24.35%of the world economy reaching $15 . United States   largest trading nation. Interestingly among the world's 500 largest companies, 133 are headquartered in the United States. being strong economic body, the mug of its own fiscal deficit and high employment rate-Obama’s successful re-election. The house-advocated higher tax rates for the upper-income taxpayer for purpose of reducing the deficit domestically, in the middle-east areas, the US decides to end the war in Iraq and begin withdrawing from Afghanistan. The US has passed a message impose tariffs if China-value of RMB. Eurozone, -soft approaches to help Europeans to get rid of the economic crisis (Clara Marina O’Donnell, 2012)
Economy-In BRIC, remarkable growth momentum-dwarfed.   The BRIC are both the fastest growing and largest emerging markets economics-the world’s GDP growth. “The Richest”-02/2012 showed Brazil-UK 7. consumer behavior, China and Brazil-different. Chinese saving>spending, the opposite-Brazil. 31% of Chinese income is put in to the bank account; Brazilians report the lowest of the BRIC, just 10% (World data Bank, 2011).   In India, though the GDP is relatively low, 98%- saving.   Such considerable saving can be transferred -investment including the real estate sector, education, vacations and healthcare.
The aging- 23.3%- world in the year of 2011 reaching...


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