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Fashion essay

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Throughout the twentieth century, the world has seen many different styles introduced into the fashion industry. Fashion's are affected by the society. If the economy is doing well, styles can get very elaborate and expensive. If the economy is in a rut, the trends get very plain and inexpensive. Inventions also have an affect on fashions. With new ways to make The last major thing that affects styles, is the state of the country. Wars and conflicts etc. greatly contribute to the ways we dress. This section of the magazine will highlight the various fashions seen in Russia, Malaysia and Canada in this century. Canada, and the majority of the western cultures around it, have all seen similar fashion trends. We will start at the beginning of this century, in the 1900's. During the time that Queen Victoria ruled, the fusions were very prudish. Women's dresses were made of very heavy fabric that was hard to clean. The look was cluttered and covered, with poofy sleeves, gloves and boots. Small waists were "in", so many women wore corsets to make them look skinnier. Just one example of how girls distort their figures in the name of fashion. A decade later, the style changed from prudish, to elegant. The women's dresses were much lighter and more feminine than they had been during the turn of the century. Women wore huge hats, and slippers or flats when inside. When going outside, boots, or walking shoes were worn, along with a flared skirt and riding jacket. During World War One, women's fashion's changed drastically. Clothing went from elegant to easy and plain. While the men were away at war, the women were less concerned about their looks. They worked in the factories, so work clothes were worn. White starched shirts accompanied by a dark skirt and occasionally a tie was what was commonly seen. After the war, the western economy boomed. Flapper dresses with lots of fringe came in, along with long beads and flat shoes. Flapper dresses were the first dresses to bare...


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