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Lukas Mahler
Act 1 Questions

1. What is the point of the first scene (literally) and in reference to the whole play?
 The witches are deciding when they shall meet again. This part sets the scene for most of the play. Also Macbeth is introduced by name in this part.
2. What does Duncan call Macbeth when he hears Macbeth has defeated Macdonwald?
 Valiant Cousin and Worthy gentleman.
3. Who is sentenced to death?
 The Thane of Cawdor
4. What do the witches predict in Act I, Scene 3 for Macbeth? For Banquo? They predict Macbeth will become the Thane of Cawdor and eventually the king which is almighty.
5. Who news does Ross bring Macbeth?
Ross tell Macbeth that he is now the Thane of Cawdor.
6. Banquo, like Macbeth, is surprised that the witches have predicted Macbeth’s new title. He is, however, leery. What does he say about the motives of the “instruments of darkness” ?
 Malcolm says they say good things but often lead to bad stuff.  
7. Malcolm describes Cawdor’s last moments before execution. What is Duncan ’s reply?
 You can't tell what is in a person's heart by looking at his face.
8. Macbeth says, “Stars, hide your fires. Let not light see my black and deep desires.” What are Macbeth’s desires?
 He know desires to be king.
9. After Lady Macbeth reads the letter, what does she tell us is her opinion of Macbeth, and how does she plan to help him?
 Lady Macbeth thinks Macbeth could be a good king
10. What is Lady Macbeth’s “prayer” to the spirits after she learns Duncan is missing?
She wants her life to be filled with cruelty.
11. What advice does Lady Macbeth give Macbeth when he arrives home?
 She tells him he must learn to look innocent even when his heart is full of evil.
12. What are Macbeth’s arguments to himself against killing Duncan ?
Duncans Kinsman is Macbeth. Duncan is a good king and had little to no evil.
13. What arguments does Lady Macbeth use to convince Macbeth to commit the murder?
She tells him not to be a...


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