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Cuban Travel Ban

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Cuba Travel Ban
According to the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey in 2004, Cubans are the third-largest population of Hispanic origin living in the United States. However, Cuba is the only country that the U.S. government prohibits Americans from going to. If we have so many Cubans living in the United States, then why shouldn’t they be allowed to travel to Cuba? Andy Gomez conducted a survey and found out that 64% of Cuban-Americans in Miami support the lifting of the travel ban. The travel ban on Cuba should be lifted.
Cuba is a beautiful country with unique culture. They are also many Cuban Americans living in the U.S. and in the Hispanic culture they value family a lot. So the fact that these Cubans living in the U.S. are unable to see their family is very hard on them. By letting tourist go to Cuba it is helping the U.S and the Cuban economy. Andy Gomez, an associate provost at the University of Miami, said that if the U.S. let tourist travel to Cuba then that could increase exports by up to 365 million dollars per year.   It could also create more jobs in Cuba because the tourists will need hotels, attractions, restaurants, and much more.
Right now the only people that can get a visa to go to Cuba are Cubans visiting their family member(s), academic, religious and cultural groups. If the travel ban is lifted, then Cuban-Americans will be able to visit their family a lot easier. The travel ban also restricts our freedom. According to the Constitution, Americans are supposed to have freedom, but if Americans are not allowed to travel to certain places like Cuba, then that is limiting our freedom.   If the travel ban is lifted, then not only people will be able to travel to Cuba but also Ideas. The exchange of ideas could be very helpful for the United States. Lifting the travel ban will also lead the U.S in the right direction to lift the Cuba Embargo. The Cuba Embargo is an act saying that the US cannot and will not make any trade with Cuba. It...


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