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Main article: Decline of Buddhism in India

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Main article: Decline of Buddhism in India

Ancient India has no history of large scale religious violence.[7] However, King Pusyamitra of Sunga Empire is linked in legend with the persecution of Buddhists. There is some doubt as to whether he did or did not persecute Buddhists actively.[8]
It has been suggested that the Buddhist Stupa in Sanchi was vandalized by Hindu king Pusyamitra Sunga.[9]

The Divyavadana ascribes to him the razing of stupas and viharas built by Ashoka.[10] This account has however been described as "exaggerated".[10] Archaeological evidence is scarce and uncertain.[11] However to many scholars, Sunga kings were seen as more amenable to Buddhism and as having contributed to the building of the stupa at Bharhut.[12]

With the possible exception of reign of King Pusyamitra, Buddhism and Hinduism seem to have co-existed peacefully with almost all Buddhist temples, including the ones at Ajanta Caves, being built under the rule and patronage of Hindu kings;[13] along with Jainism and other religions and there were no anti-religious bloodshed.
Medieval India
Main articles: Persecution of Hindus and Muslim conquest in the Indian subcontinent
Muhammad bin Qasim
Photograph of the Surya Temple, The most impressive and grandest ruins in Kashmir, at Marttand-Hardy Cole's Archaeological Survey of India Report 'Illustrations of Ancient Buildings in Kashmir.' (1869)

Muhammad bin Qasim, during his conquest of Sindh (in present day Pakistan), assaulted the town of Debal and destroyed its great temple .[14] He then built a mosque over the remains of the original temple at Debal and later in towns of Nerun and Sadusan (Sehwan)[14][15] After each battle all fighting men were executed and their wives and children enslaved. One fifth of the booty and slaves were dispatched back to Hajjaj and the Caliph.[14] Chach Nama also records instances of conversion of stupas to mosques such as at Nerun.

After the conquest, Muhammad bin Qasim adopted a...


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