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Data Analysis essay

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Data analysis:

Figure 1 is a pie chart which shows the reasons why people had visited Cambridge. It illustrates whether tourists in Cambridge, at the time I collected my data, were there to visit the regenerated areas e.g. shopping or café/restaurant or to visit the more historical attractions e.g. university colleges or museums. I found that the majority of respondents went shopping. This shows that these tourists were not there for the history of Cambridge but were there to visit the regenerated areas, for example like the grand arcade. This figure relates to my hypothesis as it shows whether Cambridge is a honeypot site due to some of the areas in which people had visited.

Figure 2 which is a complex scatter graph; which compares two different types of data that I collected. It shows at each data collection point what my EQS score was and how many people were at those data collection points during my pedestrian count; these two results are then compared on the graph. These two particular types of data were compared as it shows whether the quality of the environment depends on the area or the amount of people within that area. This also refers to my hypothesis as it shows conservation of certain areas (the areas with a higher quality environment) and whether the more conserved areas are conserved due to their historical attractions or their regenerated areas.

Figure 3 is a flow line map which shows the number of respondents from the questionnaire results that I collected that was from international countries. I found that the majority of tourists were domestic tourists when collecting my results. I took a sample of 100 respondents and only 22 were from abroad. This suggests that Cambridge mainly attracts domestic tourism. Also there wasn’t a wide variety of different countries that tourists came from; there were only 5 different countries. This could possibly mean that the Cambridge is not that accessible to tourists outside of the UK. Also it shows...


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