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Fear in Public Speaking

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Everyone is afraid of something whether it is spider, height, enclosed spaces, or public speaking. I am afraid of public speaking. When it comes to public speaking; I got nervous. It is not only about memorizing it but it is a fact that you have to read in front of people. Public speaking is one of the fears in have.

Before, my first speech in public I was very excited about the public speaking. I was doing well in class in front of class. My friends are nice and helpful to me. I was thinking public speaking was easy just like I am talking and everyone is listening. When somebody gets nervous on stage we were making fun of them. I was facing big crowds in auditorium for events.

Next, when I was in eighth grade I asked to say my first speech in one of my school events. I made my first step through auditorium; I was hearing a lot of noise from the crowd. There were more than two hundred people in the auditorium. I slowly walked up stairs on the stage for my speech. When I was walking I try to recite my speech in my mind. I took a deep breath and try to recite my speech. I paused two to three times in speech to look at the audience; whether they like or not. I also got common symptoms like sweaty palms, trembling voice and wobbly legs. Finally, I completed my speech in public for first time and some people appreciated me.

After, my first speech in public I realize how people feel when they are nervous on stage in front of big crowd. I didn’t want to stay quite because I couldn’t talk in public; therefore I tried to change myself. I joined public speaking club so I can overcome with my fear in public speaking. Most of the people in the club hate speech because of some reason but when teacher asks us to talk about something, we feel excitement rush through our body knowing that this is a another chance. Then I grasped every opportunity in my club to speak in front of all club members. As I speak in front of people in club I feel more comfortable in public...


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