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It’s a Bio-Psycho-Social Disease

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It’s a Bio-Psycho-Social Disease

The worst day of my life, was after a dangerous relapse, having to leave within 48 hours to Atlanta for three months, and not being able to go home, see my kids or my wife.   “My family was so pissed at me this time, I had to find my own ride to the Airport….it was the most helpless, fearful, time of my life!”  
James, (as I will refer to him), is a very friendly, easy going, honest and caring person I have met in quite some time.   I found him to be highly intelligent, very well spoken, yet humble and down to earth.   As you look at him, you can’t help notice how nicely he dresses, and confidence he portrays.   James is a son, brother, husband, father, businessman and a “recovering alcoholic/drug addict”.   When he was just 13 years old he had his first alcoholic drink while hanging with friends, because it was a way to fit-in and be cool.   He wasn’t use to living in an affluent community, so he started “running with the crowd” which meant booze, drugs and mayhem.   This was no outlet for James, he knew he drank/drugged alcoholically from the start.
James was born in Searcy, Arkansas to Fred and Mary, and had one older sister Janet.   When he was 7 the family moved to New York City where he made friends quickly and lived a pretty normal life.   At age 12, his parents decided to move once again, to an upscale town called Pittsford, NY, where they opened a business.   “Moving from the West Side to the East Side as a
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7th grader, was a MAJOR adjustment”!   Trying to fit in with all the rich kids was not easy at 12, so he became a follower in order to fit-in, and soon the others were following him.
In high school he was the “popular guy”.   Vice president of his class, a B student, captain of the hockey team, and had the perfect cheerleader girlfriend.   But things spiraled out of control at the start of his junior year.   On weekends while at parties, and before his rock band would play, he and his buddies would do...


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