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Portfolio Metacognitive Essay
By Ana Barrett
The concert is coming to an end, but I am not just quite finished rocking out. The crowd is anticipating an encore, and I myself consider this to be my own personal encore. Looking back, I feel accomplished about what I have learned through this first semester of composition. I had always considered writing to be one of my strongest points in school, but I was still hesitant for this course to begin. As the semester progressed, my writing did as well.
Listening to the students from previous years that had taken this course made me apprehensive to take on such a big load of work. Our first assignment in the class was to write about a significant place, and naturally music was the first thing that came to my mind. It is a strange thing, having to look deep inside yourself and document every thought and feeling you have about a certain subject. That is what I enjoyed most about this semester, having to dig deep to produce something from my own personal thoughts and feelings. Initially I was nervous to hand in my papers because I felt like my thoughts were being judged, and that is scary if you have not ever had to do that.
In all four years of high school I simply got by in my writing classes without having to put much effort or heart into my writing, but this class was immensely different. When I received my first paper back, I was thoroughly disappointed with my score. It was frustrating to revise time after time because at a certain point I just got sick of looking at my papers. Everything started to blend together, and I wanted to discard my thoughts completely. But then it finally happened. My final revision came back with a close to perfect score. I began to feel much more optimistic about where I was heading.
One major difference in this course compared to the previous courses I had taken was the full complete process that we went through on every paper. I was used to writing a rough draft, having a friend...


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