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The right tool for the job

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The right tool for the job
  (1) Rules for tools
In the following sentences fill in the missing words or phrases.
  (a) Always buy the best you can afford
  (b) Choose tools which are right for the job
  (c) Use tools for the jobs they are designed for
  (d) Maintaining tools: list six important points in maintaining tools.
  (e) When putting tools away, they should be hung up neatly.
  * Never leave tools outside
  * Always clean tools
  * Keep the edges on cutting tools sharp
  * Keep the joints of moving tools should be kept clean
  * The wooden handles of tools should be oiled
  * Never strain a garden tool
  (2) Safety
Write a short answer for each of the following question:
  (a) How should you carry tools, with your hands, and with the blade facing down at the ground.
  (b) How should you use axes, mattocks and other cutting tools? With your hands
  (c) Why is it unwise to buy cheap tools? Because they could break easy.
  (d) How do you know if a garden tool is the right size? Hold it in your hands, test it
  (e) What should specialist tools be used for? Special jobs
  (f) List three ways in which carelessly stored tools could cause injury.
  * If an axe is on the top shelf it could get knock off and cut you up.
  * If a hammer is on the top shelf it could get knock off and hit you in the head and knock you out.
  * If a saw is on the top shelf it could get knock off and cut you up.
  (g) Describe (with reasons) the safe way to carry a garden digging fork? By the handle.
  (3) Draw a picture of your chosen tool and label it.



This tool is used for shifting and digging loosened piles of dirt and soil.
I would look after this tool by storing it in a garden shed.

Gardening job | Tool used for |
Watering a large lawn | rose |
Making a furrow for seeds | dibber |
Breaking up hard ground | mattock |
Leveling humps and hollows | String line |
Pruning some...


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