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Making Your Own Country

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        The country of El Mago is found between the country of Brazil and Africa. This country consists of two great lakes, Damien Lake and Chinobis Lake. Damien Lake, the biggest and deepest lake found in El Mago, is found in the southern part of the country and is 142,000 square kilometers wide and 1,285 meters deep. Chinobis Lake is found directly in the center of El Mago and is 59,756 square kilometers wide and 703 meters deep. El Mago is completely surrounded by water, the land going from North to South is 865,047 square miles and from East to West is 488,109 square miles.
        The biggest and only desert found in El Mago is the Diseio Desert. This desert stretches out from the northern part of the Chinobis Lake to about 119,408 square miles from the ocean. The Shania Plains are one of the main tourist attractions in El Mago. Since El Mago is near the equator, these plains have a variety of exotic animals and exotic plants. The Shania Plains stretch out for about 193,822 square miles from East to West and 64,230 square miles from North to South.
        The climate in El Mago is characterized as 3 main climates: tropical, dry, and temperate. In most of the regions, not including the Diseio Desert, the climate is very tropical during all of the year. El Mago is often thought of as being an extremely hot and humid country including during the winter time. El Mago gets about 1,031 millimeters to 1,812 millimeters of rain each year. In El Mago it tends to rain a lot during its summer months from December to May. The climate in the winter months, from June to November, then become extremely dry receiving hardly any rain. The climate affects our country by making our fertility in crops increase, therefore not letting anyone starve. The climate also affects our country by making diseases spread out rapidly throughout the country.
      The major crop used in El Mago is corn. The reason for this is because the corn is used to feed all of the...


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