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Why Home Economics?

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Why Home Economics?
Obesity is a huge problem in America, and the numbers of obesity cases are rising by the hour. It is a global epidemic wherever there are fast-food restaurants carrying high “sweeteners and hydrogenated oils” prepared in their food. There need to be a preventative approach to combat against obesity. In the article “Food for Thought”, written by Jennifer Grossman, claims that by bring back home economics class will be a good solution to fight off obesity. Grossman suggests that kids who take home economics class will have a better understanding of what kind of food they should and should not put in their system. Also, it will teach kids to “think, make, fix, and generally fend for themselves.” Home economics is a great tool to aids people to take control of their diets. I agree with Grossman’s claim about how home economics class is a good system to combat against obesity. People need to have a better understanding of the types of food, the amount, and the effects of food they are consuming. In addition, the public needs to realize the agricultural side of food such as sweetener, human modified foods, and foods that were injected by antibiotics. Home economics can provide people with this beneficial information, so that they can have a healthy dietary lifestyle. It is a great skill for everyone not just for women.
In high school, I once took a home economics class. It was an interesting class, because of how informative and useful it had in my daily life. I learned about my Caloric index, and what types of food I should eat and should not eat. Home economics class taught me the importance of eating a well balanced meal with sufficient protein, carbohydrate, antioxidants from fruits, and calcium from dairy products. It also notified me to what kind of food gave me more energy, and by eating and consuming a lot of calories my body required me to burn off these excess calories by exercising. Home economics is an awesome tool to have. Grossman...


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