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Social Welfare  The welfare policy in the United States has focused on providing support for very low-income children and, by extension, their custodial parents. Due to traditional societal gender roles around care giving, mothers are most often the head of single parent families and are therefore eligible to receive income support from the state. It is crucial to acknowledge that these programs are minimal and insufficient for addressing both the amount and degree of need that exists among low-income mother-headed households. There have been many controversies over who should receive welfare and who should not. Some people believe that people who receive money from the government do not deserve it because they abuse it. Others believe that welfare is a great advantage that America has, and that people deserve a safety net. People believe different things about public housing, one side believes that only the “bad” people live there. But others who may have been in the situation or is close to somebody in the situation may believe different.  During the Progressive Era, President Theodore Roosevelt was in power and even though he supported health insurance because he believed that no country could be strong whose people were sick and poor, most of the plan for reform took place outside of government. Roosevelt’s successors were mostly conservative leaders, who postponed for about twenty years the kind of presidential leadership that might have involved the national government more broadly in the management of social welfare.When the Great Depression hit, many families suffered. It is estimated that one-fourth of the labor force was unemployed during the worst part of the depression. With many families suffering financial difficulties, the government stepped in to solve the problem and that is where the history of welfare as we know it really began. Under President Roosevelt, the Social Security Act was passed in 1935. The act established a number of programs...


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