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Universal Health Care

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Aj Chiccarino
Comp 2
Essay 2

The People have spoken and the results are in! As Americans I feel that all children under the age of 18 should have a universal health care system in place that everyone is entitled to. The fact that there are some many people out there without health insurance doesn’t mean that children should have to go without it regardless of social class. I believe that these key points will prove my point of view on the subject.
I do think that there should be a universal health care system for children under the age of 18, don’t you? I know that there is a program out there like that already but I feel that it should be more evolved. One of the ways that we could change this is by making something standard across the board for all people. I don’t think that people should have to pay for child health care the way that we pay for it now.   I would like to think that one of my main supporting arguments is that fact that there is a law that is called “no child left behind” when it comes to education. The idea is that no child should receive any less of an education that another child. I think that health care should be the same way. I don’t think that just because one child’s parents have a job that offers x type of health insurance that another child shouldn’t receive that same amount and type of insurance because their parents for a different company that offers y type insurance. I think that it should be an industry standard for children, but people should still have the option to pay for better insurance, kind of like public schools versus private schools. Every child that lives in this country has the right to attend a public school, but as parents there is also a option to send you r child to a private school that you may feel is a better education than the one your child would get in a public school. Overall the things being taught in both types of school are the exact same thing, which would be the same as far as health care...


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