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          The word secularism is one the most debated topic through out the world. It is quite hard and complex word to define, and many people misunderstood the meaning of secularism. Secularism is a concept that government and institutions of the state should remain separate from all religion. The term secularism and a secular state emerged from the enlightenment. The term “secularism” was coined in 1851 by the English thinker George Jacob Holyoake (1817-1906) in the context of differentiating the societal pluralism, tolerance and kaleidoscopic human activities from demand of the Church that religion and the state cannot be separated. The most famous personalities in the world, who strongly believed in a secular states are, Washington, Jefferson, Voltaire, Pain, Lock, Diderot, and Gandhi, and they all called for secular states. Now, the questions that come up to people mind that why we have to keep religion separate from the state? Is it a good idea or bad idea to have a secular states? This kind of questions may come up to our minds, and the best way to answer all these question is to understand more secularism and look at some secular States and know personalities that believed in a secular State.
We live in a world which we call modern or which we wish to be modern.
Modernity is generally regarded as both a practical necessity and a moral imperative
a fact and a value.   “When I say this I am not using the word "modern" in one of
those many trivial senses which   I   trust we   have by   now left   behind us.   Thus, by
modernity I   do   not   mean   a   complete   break with   tradition.   Being modern means
larger and deeper things:   for example, the enlargement of human freedom and the
enhancement of the range of choices open to a people in respect to things that matter,
including their present and future life-styles.   This means being in charge of oneself.
And this, you will recognize, is one of the connotations of the process of...


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