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Luis Felipe Sepúlveda
6th A

Saint Jeanne d` Arc

Good morning teacher and classmates. My name is Felipe Sepúlveda, and today I`m going to talk about one of the most extraordinary people in history, Jeanne d `Arc, the national heroine and patron saint of France.
ge and patriotism.
First I will tell you her story, then I will give some opinions about her life and death, and finally I will invite you to follow her example.
She was born in France, in a family of farmers, in 1412 during “The Hundred Years War “, a war begiven troops to command and the rank of captain. She won many battles fighting with courage.
At the Battle of Orleans, she was hurt by an arrow, but she led the troops to an incredible victory. Before this victory she was named “The Maid of Orleans “.
Jeanne and her army won more and more battles, but in 1430 she was captured while defending a town near Paris. The English sent her to the Catholic Court to be tried for witchcraft, heresy and for wearing man clothing , which was considered an offense against the church. She was convicted and she was burned alive at the stake.
I think that her death is one of the greatest injustices of history.   Fortunately this injustice was cleaned in 1920 when Pope Benedicto XV canonized her. She wasn´t   a   witch,   she was a brave soldier, and   an extraordinary woman, who fought and gave her life for France when she was just 19 years old.
I invite you to followyour believes, even giving your life if it`s necessary.


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