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Does Borrowing Money from Friends Harm Friendship?

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|DOES BORROWING MONEY FROM FRIENDS HARM FRIENDSHIP?                                                                                                         |
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|by Anh, N.T.N., 11CNA10.                                                                                                                                   |


Borrowing money from someone can put our relationship with this person in a difficult situation. Certainly, we never want to lose our relationship by any reason, especially to lose a friendship because of the debt. Therefore, obviously borrowing money from friends is surely a harmful situation.


To some extent, there is some truth that whenever we need help, our friends should help us whatever we need. However, not always do our friends can help us, especially with money. For example, you have 50 dollars and that is the least money you must have to take you some medicine for your own; your friend has 5 dollars and he wants to eat a 10-dollar cake so he asks you to borrow 5 dollars. Because you do not want your friend to be worried about your illness, you decide not to let him know about the medicine. Therefore, you can lend him 5 dollars and take not enough medicine you need; or you can deny lending money to have your medicine and your friend may think you are selfish. In this case, your friend put you in an awkward position. Vice versa, the same problem may happen if we borrow our friend money.


In addition, one may easily think that whoevers not allow their friends to borrow their money are not believe in their friends at all. It may seem that they doubt whether their friends would give them back the debt or the reschedule may be last forever. With this point, the opponents tend to ignore the fact that if they are the lenders...


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