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Of Mice and Men essay

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In the novel of mice and men Steinbeck describes the life conditions in 1930`s during the great depression in America and the influence of it on the society. Steinbeck sets the scene in California, Soledad, where George and lennie arrive to the ranch for work. As the course of the story develops, Steinbeck presents Crooks to symbolize the theme of loneliness and isolation and on the other level to acknowledge the reader with racist attitude towards black people in that times.
The fourth chapter begins with the description of key elements of the character ‘ crooks the negro stable buck’   Steinbeck emphasizes that Crooks was divided from the world by his race and captures the social injustice towards black people . The description of the harness room at some point reflects the life style of the Crooks ‘the little room’ and ‘a narrow plank door’ , it   symbolizes   how ‘little’ the opportunities were for Crooks and the narrowed life choice.   Crooks being a black man was considered as inferior creature with no rights therefore was treated very poorly by the other ranch workers. He was isolated from the rest, and was trapped in the harness room like a prisoner.   ‘horsehair stuffing sticking out … broken harness ’ Crooks` room was in the barn with animals, this indicates the apathetic attitude of ranch workers as they considered Crooks deserved   only animal treat or even worse.   ‘curved knives… hand riveter’   , the room was filled with working tools , it may suggest how hard worker was crooks despite his crooked spine,   the chapter begins with crooks   applying the liniment on his skin to soothe the pain   and ends with the same scene , which is also   the parallel to demonstrate the emotional pain of Crooks.   ‘a single-barreled shotgun’   among the other possessions there was a gun , Steinbeck shows that Crooks felt that he needed protection , as earlier   in the novel we are told some details about Crooks, ‘The boss gives the stable buck   hell… If I coulda used...


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