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Within a Historical Context, Explain a Key Message of the Prophet Muhammed (Pbuh).

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Within a historical context, explain a key message of the Prophet Muhammed (Pbuh).
Before the advent of Islam, history was passing through one of its detestable periods ever known. In the region of Arabia, the dwellers were engulfed in the darkness of disbelief. Inhabitants were not even considered as civilised, the characteristics and traits they possessed made other nations and powers regard them as lowest of the low. In such a state, the people were in dire thirst of guidance, when the Lord Al-Mighty sent the perfect guide, his beloved messenger, Muhammed, to illuminate the world and to extract the people from the gloominess of ignorance, to the light and brightness of Islam. To reform such a nation, refurbishment must start from the foundation and in regards to this nation; it must start with their characteristics and traits.
In order to analyse in a historical context, the condition of pre-Islamic traits and evils will have to be viewed and how Islamic reformation in the hands of the prophet tackled them.
Allah states in the Holy Qur’an:
“We did not send You but as a mercy for all creatures.”1
The Prophet brought along with him many key messages, perfection of character being one from many. If anyone possesses attributes of nobility and perfection- whether it being of beauty, knowledge, forbearance, lineage, courage or generosity- he is regarded noteworthy and creditable for people to use him as a role model and example. The Prophet was an embodiment of all these attributes and qualities, the best word of all words gives testimony to this fact:
“And You are surely on an excellent standard of character.”2
The effect that the characteristics of the Prophet had on people was astounding. It influenced them to such an extent that they were able to rise from the depths of darkness, change, and become noteworthy personalities from which examples are extracted.
Arabs possessed many evil traits and habits; one of the most hated was the act of burying...


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