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Being a Social Worker

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I want to live a life in which by the end of I can look back and say that I'm satisfied with how it unfolded. I have a belief; a person who only lives for themselves doesn't really live at all. If you want to live for something, than live for someone else. All of these topics hold a lot of sentimental value for me as I want to further my knowledge as I grow and adapt into social work.   Sometime in the future I would like to think about starting a charity fund, or simply making a significant difference in an individuals life.

My inspiration to be a social worker is derived from my grandfather, a person who has changed many peoples lives in a positive aspect. As a child I remember him telling me a very heart warming story; he used to own a shop in India when he was in his early thirties. One morning a frightened twelve year old girl came running up to him and asked if she could hide in one of the baskets in his shop. When my grandfather asked why, she claimed that it had been a year since her mother had died and her father had decided to sell her to an Arab man due to financial issues. My grandfather took haste and decided to do what the young girl had asked him. When her father came to the shop asking if a short, dark skinned, little girl had passed by my grandfather shook his head signalling to the man that his shop was clearly empty. When the man had passed my grandfather decided to further help the child by taking her to a children's home until he figured out what arrangements he could make for her. A week later he picked her up from the home and took her to his own house and that's where she was raised; with my mother and her two brothers. The same young girl is now a successful and happy married women with children. It goes to show how a small deed, can go a long way!
I want to be the personification of change and I believe that social workers bring change to the society in non-profit ways. I'm originally from India and as I...


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