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Great Awakening

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1. If I had to give the film a grade it would probably be an 8 outta ten. I say this because the beginning started out a little bit slow for me. Once the plot started picking up it picked up but it took a little longer then I would like to get there. While it’s not the filmmakers fault I can’t speak Portuguese I believe, reading the subtitles did hurt the experience, it’s hard to get drawn into a movie trying to read the lines from the bottom of the screen. Sometimes the acting left much to be desired especially during the fight scenes, it was kinda high school playish at times. Even though the acting was off, I did enjoy the action it was a nice change of pace from the other movies we had been watching. A little violence always makes a movie more interesting.   I really enjoyed Ganga Zumba’s performance I don’t know the name of the actor who played him, but I feel he did a wonderful job. It’ felt like when you watched him on screen he just stood out as a king. The look in his eyes showed the stress, combined with the determination to do what’s best for his people. His line “Kings must act” was really the highlight of the movie for me.

2. My impression of the film was depressing me. One would have liked to see the the rebels win out in the end, but that’s not always the way the cookie crumbles. It did reflect what I would imagine a rebellion of slaves who ran off to start their own community would be like. Showing the differences in how people deal with situations. How the slave population was divided among those who would fight the portuguese and those who would agree to the first deal they were given. While watching the film I pondered on what side I would be on. Everyone loves to say I would be the one to stand and fight, but I think one doesn’t really know how they would react until they are put in said situation. Knowing it was based on a true story made the movie that much more inspiring to me. Watching the screen and coming to the realization that this...


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