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The American Dream. Trying to acomplish the dream

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Amanda Smith, 22, is trying to open up her own beauty salon in southeastern Pennsylvania. The price of the building in a popular strip mall costs too much for her, so she starts a part-time job at a grocery store at the checkout line. She works for eight months and raises just enough money to buy the building. Her rent for her house rises $100, setting her back and forcing her to dip into her savings for the salon. She keeps working at the grocery store another year until she could earn enough money for the down payment on the salon. She eventually purchases the building and opens Silver Shears Salon. It becomes a fast success, allowing Smith to open up franchises by her 25th birthday. Anyone can accomplish her American dream if she works hard enough and doesn’t give up no matter what life throws at her.
For example, in the poem Indian Singing In Twentieth-Century America by Gail Tremblay, talks about good workers and their hard times they face.   “The boss always watching the clock to see that we’re on time. He tries to shut out magic and hopes we’ll make mistakes or disappear.”   Even though the boss is bringing them down, they still think positive.   The workers won’t give up even though they are going through a hard time. Some people might disagree with people who think anyone can accomplish their dream. People think some people who go through poverty stay in poverty because they don’t go to college or get a good job. However, if you try hard enough to get a good job you can accomplish your dream.  
In the poem I, Too, Sing America by Langston Hughes it talks about an African American living as a slave. The African American gets bossed around and goes through a lot because she is a slave. She always thinks positive. She says, “Nobody’ll dare say to me, “eat in the kitchen,” then.”   She believes in herself that she will not always be a slave and will one day be accomplishing her dream.   Sometimes people trying to accomplish their dream give up because they don’t...


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