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Mainland Southeast Asia

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Hernandez, Alejandra
1 may, 2011
Ms. Perez pr.2

Mainland Southeast asia
  Have you ever wondered outside of where you live? How it’s like? How the people live in that precise place? As you have heard before in history or if you never got an education then maybe at least seen a movie about Vietnam, of how they have suffered and not a lot of people bring that history back, TODAY! Vietnam has gone to so many wars; so many years ago that Vietnam should now have lots of places to visit for historical events. Mainland Southeast Asia has different landforms, bodies of water, and climates. This purpose is for explaining how it’s interesting to learn of other countries that you have never heard of.
If people like traveling, the first thing they would like to know is what is the relative location region? The relative location of Mainland Southeast Asia borders both countries India and China, the bodies of water that surround the region are Andaman Sea, Gulf of Thailand, South China Sea, Bay of Bengal, and Gulf of Tonkin. The countries that are found in the region are Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. These countries have a population of 2.9-198.4 million. The size of the country   . This impacts people’s lives, because a lot of people move one place to another and travel a lot.

A lot of people knowing the climates of places give them an idea of how it may be like in that precise place. Climates that are found in Mainland Southeast Asia are tropical or subtropical climates this means that they have high temperatures and great amount of precipitation. Tropical climates bring greatest numbers of plants and animals. Some coastal areas have a tropical humid climate with heavy rainfall. The region is affected by the monsoon wind, which causes wet and dry seasons. Why is this important?   Why is it good to know the climate? It’s good to know because not all crops are grown in one type of climate, and if it is not grown well there is nothing to eat....


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