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For a Marriage to Thrive

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Child soldiers are boys and girls under the age of eighteen who fight in adult wars, missing out on the safe childhood that many of us take for granted (www.planusa.org). Child soldiers live realistic nightmares every single day, and dreams will always remain dreams for them until they become free of their misery. Unfortunately, they never know when these nightmares end or if they can ever stop living them. However, what they have become certain of by time is that they will never have the capabilities to fight alone against this violence. That is one of the main and many reasons why governments and even rebel groups choose children in specific to be used in armed conflicts.
Young children’s vulnerability and immaturity makes it easier for governments in many ways. Since children get easily intimidated, ordering them around to do dangerous tasks becomes effortless. Governments find it easy to send young children into the line of fire because of their underdeveloped sense of danger (“Child Soldiers”). “Children are deliberately targeted as they are manipulated more easily than adults and can be indoctrinated to perform crimes and atrocities without asking questions” (“Children in Conflict: Child Soldiers”). Even if children feel scared from what they’re sent to do, they can never complain or argue because they fear the consequences of being punished and beaten. Moreover, children’s requirements are simple and little concerning cloths, food and even money; hence, they are easier to condition. All of these are reasons why governments prefer the recruitment of young children especially at ages below 18 and why countries still up to this point use them as child soldiers.
Additionally, there are many ways that child soldiers get recruited and their supply never seems to end. Since the young children make up the majority demographic in many countries facing war conflicts, then there’s constant supply of potential recruits (“Child Soldiers”). Some children get abducted...


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