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Texting Board

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No Text On Board: Take The Pledge

  I. Attention Getter: Today I will persuade you into thinking about why texting and driving is dangerous to yourself and others and taking the pledge “No Text On Board “ Campaign AT&T.
  * In 2012, teen auto fatalities went up for the first time in 10 years.
  * According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, 11 teens die every day in crashes caused by texting.
  * Texting has become really popular these days instead of calling our friends we simply just grab our phones and send a text.
  * By joining the No text on board Campaign you will help others to take the pledge
  *   No text is worth risking your life.

  II. Problem
  A. Statics show that one out of five drivers are surfing and texting while driving

  B.   In 2011 23% of auto collision involved cell phones
  * Which is 1.3 million crashes

  * 13% of drivers age 18-20 involved in car racks admitted to
Texting or talking on their mobiles devices at the time of the crash

- However, here are some of their justifications:

  1. “Reading a text is safer than composing one and sending it.”
  2. “Holding the phone near the windshield for better visibility “
  3. “They increase the following distance so they wont hit the car
  4. “They text only in red lights or stop signs.”

C.   In addition, Driving and texting is also considered a multi-tasking skill that increases the productivity of the driver’s brain causing distractions to our cognitive functions, memory, visual fields, and manually.
      A. The first way that texting interferes with driving is through the brain’s cognitive functions.
              a. The brain’s cognitive functions enables multi-tasking which the driver’s attention is split between what’s going on in the road and what’s happening on her cell phone, and this lack of focus makes him/her a liability. .
              a. Also, the brain cannot handle two different multi-tasking at once, causing...


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