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Heath Curry
Miss Frazier
English 3, Literary Analysis
September 11, 2009
Native American Myths
During the journey from England to America, Europeans had many difficulties, but there were more whenever they got here. One reason the pilgrims moved to America is because they did not share the religious beliefs of many Europeans, and they believed that if they moved to the New World they could practice their own religion. The pilgrims did not fully understand what they were getting into. The pilgrims did not have much for shelter, food, and money. When they arrived, their money did not have much value to the Native Americans. The pilgrims had to start from scratch. They had no technology, no city merchants to rely on for supplies, and no starting point to begin their lives in America. The early Americans first had to learn to adapt to having little or no food, building shelter, and dealing with their leadership.
The pilgrims were possessed with very little food after the long voyage so they had to think of ways to get it. One of the ways they tried to receive the food was to pray. One could tell they were very desperate and needed food. They were starving so bad that their bones were showing. The answer to their prayers was the Native Americans; they brought them fruits and provision. They also taught them a different way of life farming and living off the land. The pilgrims were very thankful for the Native Americans. The Native Americans had plenty of troubles to be worrying about and they took their time to help out the pilgrims. The Indians could be hunting buffalo, doing dances, tanning hides, building tepees, shooting arrows with their bows, telling stories by the fire, or riding wild horses instead of helping these strange newcomers. They were sent a message by God to help out the newcomers.

On the pilgrims voyage to America they brought many supplies including “oat meal, sack, oil, aqua vitae, beef, eggs, corn, and wheat grains.”(71) One thing they...


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