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Atomic Bombing

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The Atomic Bombing Was It Necessary?
It was very difficult for me to pretend that this did not happen and write about the changes that I would have made.   Therefore, in my own words this is why I think President Truman’s reason for his decision to drop the Atomic Bomb may have been.
Many people would argue that it was not necessary because there were other ways of ending the war, but from my point of view I am not sure what other means of Warfare could have been used to get their attention to back off.
We the United States had given the Japanese numerous warnings unlike they had when they bombed Pearl Harbor.   Days before the bombings our planes dropped pamphlets by air to all citizens in the surrounding cities and towns warning of the devastation to come if they don’t evacuate but Japanese military wouldn’t allow those citizens to evacuate and for that reason millions of innocent lives were lost because of ignorant old world order ideology.  
The reason I believe for the his final decision to drop it was that Japanese soldiers were very brave and fierce and they weren’t afraid to die that being proven with the kamikaze air tactics, so it would take a lot more than traditional military tactics to defeat them. President Truman and his peers decided that while the atomic bombs would cause a tremendous loss of life, in the end it would save the lives of many Japanese soldiers and citizens. I think the general feeling in the United States was fear, because atomic bombs were used for the first time in combat, and the world now saw how powerful they were. There were also feelings of hope; they hoped this would finally end a brutal war. The Japanese were crueler to prisoners-of-war than the Germans were.

Their views of captives were that they had shamed themselves, and they had no reason to live.
Japanese soldiers would rather have died than be captured. They treated their prisoners the same way. The Allies had all ready won the war in Europe, and wanted to...


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