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Books vs Tv

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Books vs television
Reading books is better than watching television. Reading helps you learn, it is a good resource for students to use for their work. It saves electricity and young children won’t be prone to learning bad language, violence and vulgarity.
Firstly   reading is a learning process. You’re learning how to speak and spell at the same time. It also broadens your imagination. Reading makes you visualise things in your head whereas a Television just shows you.
Secondly reading can be a very good source of correct information.   It can be easily accessed by students from a nearby or school library. Or even reading articles from a newspaper.   Not only are you learning in general but reading about things that hare happening in the present day.
Thirdly watching too much television does cost you. Think of all the electricity you would be saving not watching television for four hours straight! Wouldn’t you rather read something exciting than have to pay for something you many to even be willing to watch i.e. commercials. Plus young children could be learning bad language, I mean you can’t control what is being aired on your television. Another bad thing that can come of watching too much T.V. becoming technically ‘dumber’ as watching too much has been proven to kill brain cells. Television has also had an effect on obesity especially in children.
In conclusion reading books is by far better than watching television, mentally and physically. As it broadens your knowledge whether its reading a narrative or an article, it can be a very good source of information and you can save electricity.


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