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The will to go on despite traumatic events taking place in front of you.
This is what survival can mean. This is a brief explanation of this word in the context you will be reading about in this essay. The texts used in this essay were released in the massive boom after ww1 to explain to the public that the war was not as it was romanticized by the media, but in actual fact was more of a punishment, a living hell where some took their lives in trying to escape the horror of it all, the texts this essay are on are written by Charles Yale Harrison (who we assume was a Canadian solidier in the first world war) published in 1930 and Wilfred Owens poem “Dulce Et Decorum Est” (first and third person, written trough a soldiers eyes as it happens and after the war. These texts both portray the idea of the war turning good men into people who are completely untouched by death of friends but after being there for some time, area as it was previously explained this can be shown by how the soldiers lock out others so that they aren’t touched by the death of others. The selfishness and self preservation to stay alive no matter what, and the use of descriptive language but with no emotional contrast inside.

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The soliders in both texts soon learn that becoming close with someone only meant being hurt once they died, so for this reason the men would shut themselves off from others. So by doing this, during the war they were never alone physically but mentally they had never been so isolated. This can be shown in the core text when the soldier does not show kindness to the new recruits or when he does not even think twice about the death of brown. The way it can be shown in the related text is “Behind the wagon that we flung him in” shows no funeral ceremony but just throwing another man in to the truck. These examples can help prove that the soldiers were desensitized to death from the war.

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Another position of view can...


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