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Spending Time Doing the Same Thing vs Make Some Change to Our Lives

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The argument of whether people should spend their lives doing the same things and avoiding change or not, has been discussed by many individuals these recent years.

It becomes common nowadays that some people do not want to change their lives, because they are satisfied with their living qualities, in terms of the living environment. Comparing to the past, most people these days have much better living environment, such as they do not need to struggled from food shortage, they can live in a clean and warm house and they can work in safe and comfortable workplace.

But some people who are aggressive and ambitious would prefer to try different jobs or experience different lifestyles. Because they believe that spend their lives doing the same things will make them lose their skills of thinking things differently and discovering self-potentials. Therefore they believe that make changes for their lives can enhance their life quality.

However, it could be argued that change is not always beneficial to our lives. For example, some students who have been studying overseas found that without parents and friends supporting networks, they often suffer from homesick. Furthermore, some of them even feel guilty for their parents, because parents spend a great deal of money to support their tuition, and they cannot come up with good learning results.

To summarise, in my opinion, to make change for our lives or not, both have their advantages and disadvantages. But I would agree that good change can always benefic our lives.


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