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1919 Would Be the Turning Point in History

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1919 could be regarded as the turning-point in history. The end of the
First World War and the conclusion of the Versailles Treaty changed
the political order in different ways.
Before the First World War, four major powers dominated the Europe
continent, they are Austria-Hungary, Germany, Russia and Turkey.
They used the monarchial system to rule their own country. However,
the war destroyed the four old empires. New forms of governments
emerged to replace the old rulers. For example, the democratic Weimar
Republic was set up in Germany; the communist Bolshevik
government was founded in Russia; and a republican form of
government was created in Austria.
In addition, many races were under the rule of the alien countries
before the First World War. For example, the Balkans wanted to set up
its own states which were free from the control of Austria-Hungary.
After the First World War, the Versailles Conference ensured the
self-determination that led to the setting up of new states in Central and
Eastern Europe, such as Poland, Finland, Latvia, Czechoslovakia, and
Yugoslavia. A new political map was drawn.
Furthermore, the war changed the traditional balance of power in the
world. Before the First World War, Britain, France and Germany were
great Powers dominated the world politics. They set up colonies in
Asia, Africa and Americans. Their military supremacy shaped the
world development. After the First World War, these three countries
were weakened by the war. They were severely affected by the
economic difficulties and social unrest. Germany was in a worse
situation because it was a defeated nation and harsh punishment was
imposed on her under the Treaty of Versailles. Therefore, the three
powers could not maintain their international status quo. In fact,
Europe as a whole lost her supremacy in the world’s economic and
political affairs. Replacing the supremacy of European powers, the
United States emerged as the strongest economic and...


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