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Should School Uniform Be Required All Through 12th Grade

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Should school uniform be required all through 12th grade

Clothes are a way of expressing yourself and standardized school uniforms could be a major obstacle for self expression and self discovery. Schools should not require students to wear uniforms so they can self-express properly. Self-expression is an important part of human development and some experts believe that not letting children dress the way they want to in school can affect their development and social behavior.

School uniforms only cut down on a student’s individuality. School is the place where the future generations are trained and school uniforms send a clear message to students that conformity is important and creativity is not. Wearing the same clothes and color everyday can get very boring and depressing.

One of the most convincing arguments against uniforms is related to cost. The cost of school uniforms is a negative factor more than a positive factor, because there is no use for them outside of school. It only increases the amount of clothes parents have to buy for their children because they still want and need clothing for the hours they are not in school. Another problem with school uniforms is the price. Uniforms are almost always more expensive than regular clothes.

School uniforms also reduce one’s ability to choose comfortable clothing. A huge variety of clothing is manufactured because different people feel comfortable in different types of clothing. Some children are more comfortable in a specific material or style of clothing. Children need to feel comfortable with the clothes they wear to school. Uniforms attempt to force every student into one mold. Uniforms also could affect the safety of the students in an emergency because the only way parents can identify their child is by the clothes that they were wearing when they left home.

Schools don’t need standardized uniforms, they need a dress...


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