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Does Music Make You More Intelligent?
Have you ever been studying for an exam and even perhaps a midterm or final and your mom yells something at you like, “turn off that music or you won’t get your studies done!”   Well this is a common and controversial belief, that listening to music while studying is only a distraction to one’s mind.   Would it be crazy to say the opposite – that music will actually increase ones focus and even further, increase one’s intelligence?   There are many studies about just that, including this study.   The hypothesis tested is the following:   People who listen to music, more calming genre than not, will have improved grades.  
The population group was chosen at random and the people who actually participated were random – due to the fact of whether they wanted to participate or not.   The method used to test the hypothesis was through a nine question multiple choice survey.   The survey was then distributed to over fifty participants via internet primarily using Facebook and Myspace (Social networks) and people in the class.   People were chosen randomly by means of selecting every other person in my contacts/friends list in both Facebook and Myspace.   The sample size of the tested population was fifty participants.   However, of the fifty participants, the first twenty participants were students in the class.   The main point of the questions that we asked the participants were whether or not people listened to music and if the answers to that correlated to their GPA.  
Nine questions were asked and were questions such as: “whether or not they listen to music while studying, would they listen to music before an exam of importance (midterm or final), their GPA from last semester, the calmness or quickness of the genre of music, and ect.”   The type of answers that were available was primarily multiple choice with a couple “on a scale of 1 to 5” rating answers.   Rating questions were used when questions such as “How calm or fast the music...


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