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Pdp Lessons

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PDP Lesson:
    PDP lesson deals with "reading and listening" lessons. This lesson framework is so fruitful for both the teacher and the learner in terms that it helps teachers to produce and deliver an effective listening or reading lessons. In addition to that it serves the¬†principles of CBA and learner centered teaching method. The framework helps motivating the students as it also ensure that they are engaged and active before, while and after listening or reading a text. A PDP lesson consists of three stages; pre-stage, during stage and the post-stage.
    The stages of the framework are:
    Pre- stage:
      In PDP lesson the teacher starts with warming up which is pre-reading or pre-listening. At this stage the tutor introduces the lesson to the learners and prepares them to what is coming. In this part of the session, the teacher gives all the necessary instructions and help that the students need to successfully understand the topic. In addition to introducing the topic to the students the teacher may also review some vocabulary that would be helpful for the students because they need to know key vocabulary they will hear or see. So, at this stage the students become familiar with the topic, the language and essential vocabulary they will use during the lesson. This stage is very essential in the sense that it develops the student‚Äôs interest in the topic.
      During stage:
      In this stage of the lesson, the students interact in a direct way with the text many times, each with a specific purpose in mind. It is during this stage that the students pay more attention on the listening or reading text in order to complete the tasks which will help them gain more detailed understanding of the text progressively(i.e. from general to specific).   During this stage, the students will do their tasks in pairs or groups. Here, the teacher plays the role of a monitor who gives encouragement and guidance, but does not correct their language. The teacher...


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