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Salvadorians aren’t paying attention to environmental problems
Nowadays, Varieties of environmental problems now affect our entire world. Every environmental problem had causes, numerous effects, and most importantly a solution. The issues that are affecting our environment are global warming, air pollution, land pollution, water pollution, toxic waste, and recycling. Even though I believe that, the environment could get better with help of the society, every environmental problem has causes numerous effects and most importantly solution because a variety of environmental problems now affect our country.
Even though, we live in a rapidly growing and constantly changing world. Technology saves us time and has made many of our tasks so much simpler yet even if our lives are easier and more fun with more leisurely time some of these changes are threatening our existence and that of all life here on our World. Our Air is being poisoned; our rivers are becoming water ways in which toxic wastes flow and our seas are becoming garbage dumps that contain huge patches of plastic wastes hundreds of miles across.
Some of us may be ignorant of these issues while others feel helpless and just want to forget about it hoping these problems will somehow disappear. They will not disappear and we need to educate those around us about these problems and empower and motivate them by showing them what they can do about it.
On the other hand, from the newspaper report, we can see the problem of trash increasing and the lack of environmental education to people are endangering to our environment. The problem of trash increasing is the major cause to our environmental damage, for instance, air pollution, water pollution, and soil pollution and so on. The lack of landfill and the pollution discharged from crematory would also be the important issues that we must concern about. If we cannot cope with this problem properly, our living environment would be broken easily and then our...


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