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Chasing a Dream: My Educational, Career,

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Chasing a Dream: My Educational, Career,

and Financial Goals for the Next 10 Years

As long as I can remember, I’ve always been interested in the business world and had a knack for interacting with other people. Watching people and figuring out how they interact with each other and why they behave the way they do intrigues me.   Because of certain strengths of my personality, I have been working towards making these interests of mine a career. Over the next 10 years, I have many things I would like to accomplish from finishing my education to starting a successful career to becoming financially secure.

Educational Goals

I’m currently working on a degree in business management. Once I complete this degree, I may continue my studies with some kind of graduate work, or I may enter the work force immediately, depending on which field I decide I am interested in. While I know I am interested in the general field of business management, I have yet to decide which area of the field particularly interests me. This is why I have been taking a wide range of courses in order to gauge what my exact interests are.
I have found that this open approach to education is interesting and exciting because it increases both my knowledge base and my appreciation of subjects that I am not familiar with, such as this course and behavioral psychology. I’ve often been told that if you keep an open mind, you may often find you like things you never knew you were interested in. I hope that through my educational work that I can learn many new things and found out exactly where and how I can find a successful career in business management.

Career Goals

After I complete my educational goals—whether that means continuing my studies in a graduate program or not—I want to obtain employment at a reputable company doing something that I will enjoy. As I said before, I am not sure exactly where my niche lies within the field of business management. I do know, however, that I very...


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