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EIR!!The Effect of Acid Rain on Seed germination

      Name- Aaryan Murthy

Class- 10B

Teacher- Mrs. Ratna Subramaniam

Research Question- Investigating the effect of acid rain on seed germination?
Hypothesis- The radish seeds in the petri dish containing water, will survive, whereas the seeds containing vinegar will die. Acid rain kills plants and seeds, therefore destroying and concurrently preventing ecosystems from growing. By lowering the pH of aquatic ecosystems such as lakes or ponds for example, the acidity of the water increases and consequently fish eggs die and frogs cannot tolerate the water.
I.V- Temperature, distilled water, Vinegar
D.V- Seeds
C.V- Type of seeds, Tissue
  * 20 radish seeds
  * 2 petri dishes
  * Paper towels
  * Pipet x1
  * 2 beakers
  * PH test strips
  * Distilled water
  * Vinegar
  * Sharpie marker
  1. Obtain 2 plastic petri dishes with covers, some paper towels (2) and a permanent marker and 2 beakers- label each of the beakers: distilled water (control), vinegar (acid rain).
  2. Tear or cut the paper towel so you have three layers that fit inside the bottom of each petri dish. Tear or cut two more layers, but do no put them inside of the petri dishes.
  3. Obtain 20 radish seeds and divide them into two groups of 10. Place one group of the 10 seeds into the petri dish on top of the paper towel.
  4. Obtain a beaker with distilled water. Using a pipet, carefully and thoroughly water the paper towels and seeds in one of the petri dishes. DO NOT WATER THE OTHER DISH. The towels should be thoroughly wet, but there should not be any standing water inside of the petri dish. Be sure that the seeds are spread evenly throughout the dish.
  5. Take a picture of your seed and label it “control”.
  6. Dampen on of the remaining pieces of paper towels and place it over the wet seeds. Using the permanent marker, label one petri dish cover...


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