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Children R’ Special: an Appropriate Classroom Environment

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Children R’ Special: An Appropriate Classroom Environment
Tammy LeStourgeon
ECE312: Administration of Early Childhood Ed. Programs
Instructor:   Carmen Balgobin
May 2, 2013

When entering a preschool or elementary classroom, the contents, arrangements and overall environment should be a first impression of you as a teacher.   From the engaging materials displayed, to the furniture, to the overall appearance and map layout, should speak volumes to parents upon entering; that you are prepared.   Collectively, you are building a classroom that is developmentally appropriate – a place that is comfortable, safe, and secure.   With such a developmentally appropriate classroom, teachers can initiate learning.   But moreover, it is a place where children’s needs are met; age appropriate materials are provided; as well as individually appropriate and culturally appropriate.
At Children R’ Special our classroom setting is designed to provide children with a developmentally appropriate classroom setting that provides less stress so that they utilize their creativity to become better thinkers as well as communicators.   However, with limitations in place and depending on the child’s developmental level, as an educator, it becomes our responsibility to ensure that each child is provided with an age, individuality; and a culturally appropriate environment.   The facets that entail constructing such an environment include the physical environment, the curriculum, as well as teacher and parent involvement.   All of these aspects combined should be integrated so that the children receive the best possible experiences from such a classroom.
      I imagine a classroom filled with primary colors, shapes, letters and numbers.   I image the center of attention revolving around the carpet and where we have our morning meeting.   This carpet is bright with color blocks allowing the children to have their own space with which to sit in not too close or cramped.   The...


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