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Thesis, 4 pages of notes, 2 subtopics 3 sources and one primary source
Option 4: Do universals exist? (Aristotle’s Theories involved)
- tutored alexander the great, himself
- wrote definitive work on ethics, biology, physics, politics, rhetoric and literary criticism
-possibly great biologist of all time
- wrote up that every species has its own nature, proved 100% correct
-being Plato’s student, Aristotle rejected some of Plato’s ideas
- argued about being no such thing as a material object to be perfect in the mind, not in the real world
-rejected his ideas as poetic, empty language
- attacks contradictions
- issues the fact something cannot be something at the same time
-argues that form and matter are both substances
-says matter us potential
-says form is actual
-develops concept of motion and time
-developed theory of no motion being after earth being created
-Aristotle influenced the cosmological or causal argument of god
- calls god the first cosmological argument
- Nicknamed “prime mover”
-acknowledges Plato’s theory of form
uses 4th cause (final cause) for his theories
-What purpose or function the thing is meant to fulfill. Take, for example, a table. To understand the table fully you need to know: (1) its material, that it is made of wood; (2) the arrangement of that material, the type of table it is or its shape (this is the form of the table); (3) how it was built, the various thing that had to be done to manufacture the table; and (4) the function of the table
-uses final cause for the majority of his theories and comments
-go plays the role of eternal cause of all motion and change
-nothing moves without a cause, cannot be primary source of motion
-related unmoved eternal mover to God
-protrays soul as a living creature
-change occurs when matter changes
-concept of gods existence
-many ideas/proof of god existence
-Cosmological argument: god is first cause (Aristotle)
-Ontological argument: God is perfect


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