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I find it amazing(incredible/weird/crazy) that we live in a world when football players and movie stars get paid more than those who save lives and are well educated. There is no doubt that the media has done a brilliant(marvelous/super) job in the freak market. Therefore, I believe that unfair or unbalance is existing in the distribution of wealth.
Above all, it is important to make clear about the criteria used to decide the payment of people. Basically, time seems to be an obvious measurement which should be considered as working longer and having more. However, doctors who work ridiculous hours get paid much less than a famous singer or movie, where-as, the job that a doctor does compared to an actor or singer is far more important.  The next criteria ought to be effort. When we are sitting in front of the television and watching a fantasitic football game or a touching movie, what we can gain is entertainment(fun/a relaxing break time) while the people on the screen can gain is a huge number of money. Footballers are not deserving a hundred and twenty thousand pouds a week just to attend the training season. An actor can do one movie but get the salary as the doctor will get in five years. No one can deny that there is unfair existing(hiding/behind) in this phenomenon(link).  Moving on to talk about the level of stress, singers, actors and doctors are under a lot of pressure in different ways but the level of concentration(difficulty) required(needed) by  doctors or nurses is definitely at a high level and more consistently(steadily/frequently).
Admittedly, many jobs pay on a performance. As it is highly stressful age, people would love to spend money on the performance of the stars by relaxing themselves. That is one of the reasons that a super star can make a ton of money easily and that is also why so many youngsters holding star dreams aim at stepping onto this promising path.
As a whole, we need some changes to keep a balace between rich and poor. If...


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