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Kinship: How important is kinship in any society?
Tita A Atah

ANT 101: Cultural Anthropology

Lecia Sims


In this paper the objective is to understand why in some societies like the Batek, the tribes, and clan food is considered an indispensable commodity. Understanding the importance and the role it play in any society and its culture will provide a basic understanding in how to manage food through which societies and organizations, and tribe could come together to create a functional body. Foragers for example, will have the opportunity to not migrate from one location to the other; instead, they will become one as a social organization group.

We may have a feeling quite contrast from the other human being with regards to how kinship is handled in different societies. I know of personal effects that are less effective than it would from more than two people with all the abilities hey may have to lead a tribe for example, thus qualifying him as kin of that tribe. I can speak of my own culture where kinship is not only seen valuable in terms of economy, but also marriages, annual traditional dances, and other important activities when the kin is expected to preside, and lead by example. He is by no means regarded as wealthy and has no dictatorial powers to force people to act except for his ability to speak and rally people together as his followers. It could also be that the selection process of a kin whether in a family, clan, or tribe must not be based on one theory but also on many theories put together for the process of selecting a kin feasible provided that one individual complies with the norms of the society.
Like in a foraging society, a nuclear family is the most common in that it connects through the descent line which is the parent-child connection. On like the Batek society whose kinship is through the male or the female line with every Batek, it is identical to that of my culture. The difference is that only a male can...


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